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About Business Management Software

SunbaseData offers the most comprehensive all-in-one ERP and CRM for small, mid-size, and enterprise-level companies.

The available set of features helps users to organize, improve, and automate operations; resulting in both greater efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Our flexible platform allows companies to enable or disable modules, as needed. 

Administrative users have control over the levels of access available to each user to ensure the right people are able to perform their necessary functions.    

Discover how SunbaseData simplifies taking your business to the next level. 

Discover Why Over 1000+ Professionals Trust SunbaseData As The Platform To Build & Grow Their Business..

Tools For Marketing & Sales Management

CRM Software That Simplifies The Sales Management Process

Explore how businesses can use SunbaseData to manage their complete sales process from Lead-to-Five Star Review-to-Referral.

Campaign ROI Tracker

Marketing Campaign ROI Tracker

Measure lead sources and marketing campaigns key performance metrics to understand what converts best and eliminate what doesn't.

Solar CRM

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Capture, organize, and manage important prospect and customer details so it's accessible, anytime, from any device

Lead Capture

Lead Capture, Routing, Scoring & Assignment

Push leads directly into the CRM from providers, Facebook, Google, and company generated sources.

Calendars & Scheduling

Multi-View Calendars & Scheduling

Coordinate meetings easily and filter calendar views based off a user, territory, or appointment type.

Drip Campaign Builder

Drip Campaigns & Email/Text Blast

Build automated multi-touch email / text campaigns. Message your ENTIRE database!

Sales Board

Sales Boards With Aging Triggers

Track sales records visually using the sales board. Customize deal stages and trigger automation.

Sales Board

Commission Submissions & Management

Run commission reports and track draws due on sold projects to ensure sales reps are paid timely.

Sales Board

Referral Marketing & Reporting

Create referral marketing campaigns, shareable links, entry portals, and affiliate tracking systems.

Tools For Task & Project Management

Project Management With Precise Execution.

Explore how businesses can use SunbaseData to manage tasks list and projects effectively from contract-to-close with full workflow automation.

Project Scheduling Calendar

Project Calendars & Scheduling

Manage scheduling of work orders, projects, and other tasks. Sync with Google or Office 365 calendars.

Task Manager Dashboard

Work Orders, Task List, & Permits

Create detailed work orders for projects, capture details about permits, and apply task list.

Tasks Management

Assign Users Tasks & Projects

Create single items or full tasks list with default assignees that can be applied with a mouse click.

Task Manager Dashboard

Build of Materials Calculator

Enter your specific formula for how you calculate materials needed and automatically generate list.

Job Board

Service & Job Board Visual Manager

Easily track work orders and projects across the various stages of your fulfillment process through completion.

Client Portal Access

Provide prospects with access to their own client portal where they can get updates, documents, & lots more.

Project Status Notification System - PSNS

Project Status Notification Systems

Reduce the endless phone calls and emails updating customers on their projects all the time with (PSNS).

Task Manager Dashboard

Manager-View Task Dashboard

Manager-view of subordinate's outstanding task , as well as, team workload & filtering by user or role.

Tools For Financial Management

Financial Record Keeping & Details.

Explore how businesses can use SunbaseData to manage their company’s finances including, billing, bookkeeping, profit/loss, & more.

Project Scheduling Calendar

Keep Financial Books & Ledgers

Manage your finances with accuracy by keeping ledger books of line-item credits and debits.

Job Board

Easily Create Quotes & Invoices

Create quotes, turn them into contracts, then invoices, and receipts without duplicate entry.

Tasks Management

Track Finance Applications & Status

Manage details associated to prospects applications with lenders and track status through approval.

Manage Sales Rep Commissions

Simplify commission management by allowing reps to submit draw request by off a sale or work order.

Project Status Notification System - PSNS

Receipt Capture & Expense Reports

Store digital copies of receipts and capture expenses on a sales, project, or system level.

Tools For Management of Assets & iNVENTORY

Inventory & Asset Management

Explore how businesses can use SunbaseData to simplify the estimation, billing, and inventory management process.

Inventory Management

Inventory Tracking & Pricing

Know exactly how many of each item you've got in inventory. Load products, descriptions, & pricing.

Solar CRM

Bundles From Individual Products

Compile itemized products into bundles of commonly sold systems that can be selected and pull every item.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Better track tools, equipment, and other types of assets by logging who it's issued too, condition, & next service.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management

Mark who each vehicle has been issued to, take pictures of the condition, and schedule reminders for service.

Facility Management

Facility Management

Track maintenance history, expenses, locations, and other details about offices, warehouses, and shops.

Service Maintenance Records

Keep Maintenance Records

Have a maintenance service history log of everything the company owns, manages, or needs to keep up with.

Tools For Human Resources & Employee Management

Human Resources and Employee Management

Explore how businesses can use SunbaseData to manage their complete sales process from lead-to-five star review.

Candidate Manager

Candidate Recruitment Portal

Offer candidates an improved application process online where they can upload resumes and complete forms.

Position Profiler

Position Profile Manager

Develop & organize detailed profiles for each position in your organization to enhance hiring consistency.

Drip Campaign Builder

Hiring Forms & Documentation

Build multi-touch email and text campaigns to go out automatically. Send messages to you ENTIRE database!

Drip Campaign Builder

Online Employee Training Platform

Develop company training programs and deliver them to employees through the system in a scalable way.

Hour Tracker

Punch Clock & Hour Reporting

Track employee's hours using the internal tool that captures ip address or GPS location when punched in.


LiveMap Mobile GPS Tracking

Maintain greater oversight by monitoring employees GPS location with mobile tracking & playback history.

Employee Directory

Company-Wide Employee Directory

Employee management system to track details, keep records, schedule performance reviews, & communicate.

Tools For Reporting & easy-to-understand dashboards

Report Real-Time Performance Data & Key Metrics

Explore how businesses can use SunbaseData to manage their complete sales process from lead-to-five star review.

KPI Leaderboard

Key Performance Indictor Leader Board

Measure lead sources and marketing campaigns key performance metrics to understand what converts best.

Solar CRM

Multi-View Metrics Dashboards

Capture, organize, and manage important prospect and customer information so it's accessible, anytime.

Asset Management

Over 50+ Reports Templates

Coordinate meetings & events easily and filter calendar views based off a user, territory, or appointment type.

Vehicle Management

Custom Report Builder

Design custom reports based off the key data metrics that are most important to your company's success.

Tools For Administrative Management

Manage Admin With Micro-Level Control Settings

Explore how businesses can use SunbaseData to manage their complete sales process from lead-to-five star review.

KPI Leaderboard

Set User Access Controls

Create profiles for each role in your company to control what functions & info are accessible to users.

Solar CRM

Enable / Disable Features As Needed

Turn on/off the features which appear to minimize the platform to what is needed and being used.

Asset Management

Add Custom Fields & List Options

Create fields and choose which screen they appear on so you can capture the information for records.

Vehicle Management

Information Management

Choose which tabs & fields are visible, hidden, locked, required, and able to be edited per role.

Vehicle Management

Assign Users To Managers & Teams

Build team of users and assign them to specific managers for reporting and scope restriction.

Vehicle Management

Internal Chat, Notifications, & Tags

Increase communication with other users using the chat messaging, notifications, and @ mentions.

Don't spend another minute doing work your software can do for you!

workflow automation

Develop processes & Workflows

Identify workflow processes and steps that need to occur based off a trigger. 


Automate repetitive Manual tasks

Use flexible automation to create tasks, update statuses, and send messages to contacts. 

Free Time & energy to Grow Your business

Don’t let time consuming low-value tasks get in the way of focusing on high-dollar producing activities.

Benefits of Using Our Business management software

Our business world is fast-paced and fiercely competitive. Only the most adaptive companies can remain as market-leaders and survive. Technology-driven systems and automation should be the engine.

  • Reports On Performance & Offers Actionable Data-Driven Insights.
  • Centralized Management Of Every Aspect Of Your Business.
  • Makes Your Business Scalable, To Grow Faster.

Streamlines your sales funnels

Automatically add and assign leads from company websites, online campaigns, lead providers, landing pages, door-to-door, and even from customer referrals.

Manages every tasks of business operations

Upgrade your back office processes and systems to fully automated workflows; eliminating resource draining, repetitive manual tasks.

Direct-access to developer support

Enjoy the benefits of partnering with a software developed line by line of code and with direct access to developers, nothing is ever impossible!  

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See what customers have to say about SunbaseData..

Once we got Sunbase in place, our sales team immediately experienced a jump in conversions just from the improved tracking. As we used it more, we saw patterns that showed us what gets the best results.

I’ve been in business for 25 years and always used paper, folders, and an office full of filing cabinets.  It’s incredible that technology makes it where I can walk around with everything on my phone.

Finally having the right systems to keep everything managed has been a huge factor in our company’s success.  I’ve personally seen my boss’s mood change from not carrying everything around with him all the time stressed out!

Sales & Marketing Director

Walter P.
Owner & Active Manager

Maria K.
Executive Assistant

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