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Fence Estimating CRM Software

Create professional fencing proposals on any mobile device and send over to prospects for e-signing or presented for in-person digital signing. Track leads opportunities, customers, and outstanding fence project proposals. Appointment scheduling. Simple billing. Gets sales and operations organized so opportunities aren’t missed and neither time or money are drained.


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Organize & grow your fence business using fencing CRM estimation software.

Organize & grow your fence business using fencing CRM estimation software.

A fencing CRM presents unique benefits that other non-industry specific software doesn’t offer. Ensure the data fields relevant for fencing businesses are available such as fence type, estimated parameter, and community gate code. Organize fence project leads, opportunities, and clients in one single place, so information is never missed. Take pictures of fences, lawn, as well as, store fence permits, notice of commencements, and other documents.

Quickly produce professional fencing bid proposals from any mobile device anytime.

Quickly produce professional fencing bid proposals from any mobile device anytime.

Create professional fencing proposals exactly like your desired template without ever entering details a second time. Include pictures of lawns, fences, material, renderings, and more. Save countless hours working up fence project bid proposals by leveraging technology of auto-population and mapping.
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Other Features For Fencing

At Sunbase, we are constantly developing our software based on customer feedback to ensure you have the best tool at your disposal to be more efficient and grow your business.

Digital E-Signing

Save value time by using digital e-signing on all forms and paperwork. Deliver a more convenient experience for customers by allowing them to sign forms right on any device and have copies automatically delivered via email. Email customers documents with signature request. Additionally, integrates with Docusign.


Document Auto-Population

Enjoy the benefit of using technology to auto-populate any fencing paperwork with a single click. Create templates that are mapped with data from the CRM so you never have to twice anything more than once throughout your entire process. Turn hours, into seconds.


Inventory Management

Manage inventory levels of flooring materials have. Always know precisely how many pieces of a certain tile you have and where in your facilty it can be found. Eliminate ordering items you already have and can save the money by knowing you have available.


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“I cant express how awesome it is to go into a sales meeting with stats of all of our appointments and costs per lead!”
“It used to take me hours to figure out commisions and payroll, On Monday for the first time I actually did payroll for my appointment setters in 10 minutes!”

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Experience how electrical estimating software impacts your business by creating better customer relationship management resulting in improve sales, better project management and streamlined operations. Manage sales, estimates, scheduling, projects, auto-populate forms & paperwork, billing, inventory, financials, and more.


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