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Mobile-Friendly Tools For More Efficient Sales, Operations, Estimates, Scheduling, & Project Management.

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Using HVAC software to organize and manage sales, estimates, billing, operations, and project management results in a more efficient business with increased profit.


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Industry-specific HVAC software for AC heating & cooling businesses.

Industry-specific HVAC software for AC heating & cooling businesses.

HVAC CRM software provides unique opportunities for air conditioning heating and cooling companies to organize their customer relationship management and improve operational effeicency. When leads call in, have the fields related to the HVAC industry such as issue with air conditioning system, size AC unit, freon levels, and other related details. By making sure you are able to capture the information needed, technicians can arrive on jobs more prepared and ready to diagnosis and provide estimates. Take and keep pictures or documents of existing ac units, ducts, thermastats, permits, and other related material.

Coordinate all HVAC scheduling with clearly visible & visual calendars.

Coordinate all HVAC scheduling with clearly visible & visual calendars.

Organize HVAC calendars to ensure you optimize your work schedules with everyone’s daily agenda is highly visable and easily accessible tasks details. Assign tasks to users or send emails with invite for events. Calendars for air conditioning project bid appointments, follow up, work orders, and more. Track time-allotted tasks by type or individual user and always control who can see which type of item.
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Additional Tools For HVAC Contractors

At Sunbase, we are constantly developing our software based on customer feedback to ensure you have the best tool at your disposal to be more efficient and grow your business.

Digital E-Signing

No more physical forms necessary! Allow clients to e-sign contracts and other paperwork right there on IPAD’s or mobile-devices. You can also email documents out with digitial signature request through Sunbase or by utilizing the Docusign integration.


Quick Mobile-Friendly Estimating

Create quick HVAC job estimates right on your phone or mobile device anytime and anywhere. Pull from list of your products, override default descriptions, prices, and other quote details.


HVAC Project Management

Manage HVAC projects more closely with less effort with the Sunbase project management tool. Create tasks, assign them, set milestones and dealines. Create and apply process templates for tasks list and track their progression.


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“I cant express how awesome it is to go into a sales meeting with stats of all of our appointments and costs per lead!”
“It used to take me hours to figure out commisions and payroll, On Monday for the first time I actually did payroll for my appointment setters in 10 minutes!”

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Sunbase Integrations

Sunbase integrates with many software, finance and wholesale suppliers to make your life a breeze. No more manually exporting and importing from one software to another.

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