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What Is Plumbing CRM Software?

A plumbing company software puts every dimension of your business at your fingertips…anytime, anywhere. CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management.” In a nutshell, this technology allows you to perform day-to-day tasks not only much faster but in a more efficient manner.

Why Roofers Should Use A Roofing CRM?

Different Functions of Roofing CRM Software

  • CRM Programs – Customer relationship management is key to staying organized and closing sales by helping manage all interactions with your customers. Beyond tackling that, most roofing crm programs are equipped with data reporting tools which help to improve your business using data-driven decision making.
  • Scheduling Programs – Keep appointments, tasks, and deadlines on the same page by using calendars designed for master scheduling, as well as, specific sub category calendars such as sales meetings, follow-up tasks, jobs and everything else.
  • Aerial Measurement Programs – Calculate roof measurements with greater efficiency and accuracy with aerial measuring functionality. Features like this allow you to bid jobs without leaving the office, unless necessary.
  • Estimating Programs – As the name implies, they’re aimed at estimating pricing, costs, and materials that would go into each and every job that you bid. They usually come equipped with the standard materials that you would need for a job, helping to take uncertainty out of the process.
  • Proposal Programs – Create proposals quickly, email them to clients, track statuses, and even accept digital signatures with functionality that auto-fills templates with customer details without ever typing anything twice.
  • Photo Capturing & File Storage – Take pictures and store them in customer files, use them in proposals, and even show prospects images of what completed roofing projects will look like. Manage files in the cloud and send them to whoever you need to whenever needed.
  • Paperwork Management Programs – Using digital forms makes tasks a lot easier and can reduce time spent preparing paperwork from the start each transaction. Have all your forms, permit applications, notice of commencements, and fill in the blank ready and auto-filled when necessary.  Accept digital signatures and send invites for people to sign remotely.
  • Project Management / Take Off Programs – Take charge of the project and jobs from start through finish with the functionality of this software. Create, assign, and track tasks assignments progression. Manage project details such as employees, tasks, budgets, and deadlines.
  • Inventory Programs– Stop buying materials you already have! The days of forgetting that you didn’t have a certain material at the warehouse till the work got underway are also over. Know exactly how much of each item you’ve got. That informs your decision on restocking a depleting pile and holding off on excess resources.
  • Equipment & Asset Management – Manage records tools and equipment, who it’s assigned too, service dates and maintenance records. Protect your assets in the event of thief or loss by having accountability.
  • Accounting Programs – Managing and keeping accurate records of finance related aspects of a business affects the overall health of an organization. Without proper management, it’s easy to let cash flow get out of control and not have the resources to operate and grow as desired.

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Roofing CRM Software For Sales

Time is money in sales, so the more time spent on low-dollar tasks, reduces your commission-earning potential because they aren’t further producing additional sales. As a sales rep, by using the right tools and processes, you’ll minimize the busy work and finally be able to spend more of your time focused on higher-dollar producing activities such as booking appointments with leads, closing sales opportunities, and performing lead generation and follow up efforts.When marketing to generate leads and sell roofs, contractors should use Sunbase roofing CRM software that simplifies customer relationship management tasks.

Roofing CRM For Project Management

Keeping your roofing projects effectively managed and on schedule happens as a result of clarity, responsibility, and execution of tasks within set deadlines. Once a customer file is moved into production, it’s important for project managers to have systems and processes they follow to keep jobs organized and progressing. There’s lots of moving parts and companies with clearly defined workflow processes can deliver consistent results, experiences, and always stay on track.

Roofing CRM Project Management Tools

Create detailed list of each step to your processes and so you apply the correct tasks list for each job, assign tasks, and deadlines.


Roofing CRM Office Management Tools

Manage and track billing info such as contract amounts, deposits due, funds received, and due. Send invoices via email and accept credit card and check payments.


Roofing CRM For Business Management

Connect with your leads and customer database using email, text, or voice broadcasting anytime with the communications broadcasting tool. Stay in touch with your pipeline effectively and close more sales.

helping business grow

Workflow Automation…

SunbaseData provides every tool needed for your roofing business in one software program. Core functionality handles major functions, but by using advanced workflow automation we can be hyper-flexible in our approach and build custom processes based off certain actions taken.

Digital E-Signing

Sunbase offers the ability to allow clients to e-sign quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices, and other documents. Users are able to send e-signature request via email and monitor progress. Integration with Docusign also available.

Mobile Quotes & Estimates

Using electrican software create fast quotes that allow users to pull from list of their own electrical products list, review, and adjust any pricing or descriptions if necessary. Create professional quotes in seconds and allow clients to even sign them or recieve via email or text.

Project Management

With project management software built for electric projects, users can accurate create tasks, set deadlines, milestones, and assignments for other users. Streamline processes and operations by creating and applying task list templates for specific types of electrical jobs.

Customers reviews

What people say?

“I cant express how awesome it is to go into a sales meeting with stats of all of our appointments and costs per lead!”
“It used to take me hours to figure out commisions and payroll, On Monday for the first time I actually did payroll for my appointment setters in 10 minutes!”

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Experience how electrical estimating software impacts your business by creating better customer relationship management resulting in improve sales, better project management and streamlined operations. Manage sales, estimates, scheduling, projects, auto-populate forms & paperwork, billing, inventory, financials, and more.


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