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Roofing CRM software to supercharge sales production, streamline operations, manage projects and maximize your business with technology.

About Roofing CRM Software

Roofing CRM software is changing the way roofers do business by simplifying day-to-day tasks. Each year, new software applications emerge and make it faster, easier, or cheaper to perform different parts of a roofing business operations. These opportunities generally allow users to get more done, in a more efficient way, resulting in higher profit margins and growth. One major hurdle of some roofing companies is adjusting from what’s worked for years, to more effective, but at times intimidating tech alternatives.

What Is Plumbing CRM Software?

Today’s integrative technology make gives you methods for:

  • Improving Sales,
  • Quick Estimating
  • Auto-Generation of Paperwork
  • E-signing
  • Dispatching
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Billing and Project Management


    Gone are the days of having a ton of papers all over the place. Technology is changing the game of every trade, and plumbing is no exception. Just like lasers are replacing traditional plumb bobs, one-handed band saws are replacing hack saws, and motorized scaffolding is replacing old methods, software is now replacing the old ways of how you can market, run, and grow.

    Avoiding “Organizational Chaos”

    Most people don’t realize just how pivotal continuing education and training are in the plumbing industry. Codes change, procedures change, and every job has its own challenges and nuances to navigate in order to complete it successfully before moving on to the next one. Profit margins on a given job get jeopardized when unforeseen circumstances arise and you don’t have the ability to see the big picture immediately. A 30% job can quickly turn into a 10% job.

    Having a good CRM system in place makes sure you have the full spectrum of your business available at a glance so you know in real time what is going on (and what needs to be addressed). Unorganization, miscommunication, and outdated administrative functions create gaps in your organization that make it all too easy to start falling behind the competition. Having proactive systems in place safeguards against this.

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Different Functions of Plumbing Software

There are different types of software programs for roofing contractors, each with different uses and functionality.



software is used to manage and perform customer relationship management activities over throughout a sales cycle. From office staff to technicians, a good CRM tool enables you to have everyone on the same page. All of your customer payments and other data, as well as leads and marketing tools, are arranged within the CRM so you can adopt new strategies as you see necessary to keep your business growing.


Your operation won’t run smoothly if there is ANY confusion about where your plumbers need to go, and when to get there.  With emergency service calls, dispatch software lets you get technicians out to the site as quickly as possible. This software also lets you send along info pertinent to the job, any relevant customer notes, and GPS-based directions to the job site through your plumbers’ mobile devices. Dispatch software eliminates playing “phone tag”  between office staff and field techs.  You can instantly have an understanding of all your plumbers’ vehicle locations, route progress, and late or missed stops.


Keep appointments, tasks, and deadlines on the same page by using calendars designed for master scheduling. You can also organize upcoming sales meetings and follow-up tasks.  Your whole crew’s calendar is easily arranged to that you can see upcoming events at a glance and avoid miscommunication and double-booking.


Customers don’t want to wait to get estimates.  This software allows you to give quotes on the spot.  You can also keep track of material prices and inventory for the most accuracy in formulating the quote. With proper estimating software, you can keep up with all of your bid requests in the most timely manner possible, keeping your company competitive and thriving.


allows you to manage financial reports.  Different plumbing operations have different reporting needs.  But smaller businesses may not have the ability to hire a full-time bookkeeper. A good plumbing accounting software allows you to reconcile all banks, payroll, vendor statements and well as tax reports in a much more streamlined fashion.

Organize & grow your electrical business using a Electrician Software CRM.

Organize & grow your electrical business using a Electrician Software CRM.

Plugging your electric business into a mobile-friendly CRM built for electricians means having fields required to track industry specific information. Capture and store pictures of breakers, panels, and all other associated images. Manage clients from lead opportunity through finished project till satisfied client. Never enter information twice.

Shared electrician scheduling calendars using color-coded tracking.

Shared electrician scheduling calendars using color-coded tracking.

Schedule electrical bid appointments, follow-up, work orders, meetings, and all other tasks. Highly-visible, color-coded calendars with quick filters and shared access controls. Easy-to-understand MyDay visually displays each daily tasks and details assigned to a user. Integrates directly with Google Calendar.
helping business grow

More Tools For Electricians

At Sunbase, we are constantly developing our software based on customer feedback to ensure you have the best tool at your disposal to be more efficient and grow your business.

Digital E-Signing

Sunbase offers the ability to allow clients to e-sign quotes, proposals, contracts, invoices, and other documents. Users are able to send e-signature request via email and monitor progress. Integration with Docusign also available.

Mobile Quotes & Estimates

Using electrican software create fast quotes that allow users to pull from list of their own electrical products list, review, and adjust any pricing or descriptions if necessary. Create professional quotes in seconds and allow clients to even sign them or recieve via email or text.

Project Management

With project management software built for electric projects, users can accurate create tasks, set deadlines, milestones, and assignments for other users. Streamline processes and operations by creating and applying task list templates for specific types of electrical jobs.

Customers reviews

What people say?

“I cant express how awesome it is to go into a sales meeting with stats of all of our appointments and costs per lead!”
“It used to take me hours to figure out commisions and payroll, On Monday for the first time I actually did payroll for my appointment setters in 10 minutes!”

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Experience how electrical estimating software impacts your business by creating better customer relationship management resulting in improve sales, better project management and streamlined operations. Manage sales, estimates, scheduling, projects, auto-populate forms & paperwork, billing, inventory, financials, and more.


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