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What's Solar CRM Software?

The technology revolution is changing the way solar companies are doing business. The introduction of solar CRM software to the renewable energy industry has presented a significant opportunity to handle the growing market demands and boost production levels further. As the demand for green energy has exponentially skyrocketed over that last decade, old paper-driven methods of business management have become inadequate and required too much time and effort to be effective. Solar companies focused on evolving with the changing times have adopted customer relationship management software to free up time and effort to be used on important tasks that drive sales and complete order fulfillment.

How Solar CRM Software Helps You?

The benefits of using solar software differ from application to application, based off features and functions each program is designed to accomplish. As a renewable energy provider, you should consider adopting available technology into your business. Falling behind in utilizing software for solar companies means giving up potential growth opportunities, efficiency, and wasting resources (time/workforce) when you can get more work done in a short time with little effort.


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Every Tool Necessary To Manage Your Solar Business!

The largest solar companies in the market have enjoyed an unfair advantage over smaller competitors for years. Imagine having solar sales software that helps you to remain highly-organized and focused on driving the next sales opportunity through to closing. Sales production thrives when friction is reduced and each step of the selling process, is fully-optimized with the tools to make it hyper-efficient and effective.

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Different Types of Solar CRM Software Functions

Estimating Software

With estimation software, you can produce accurate and quick estimates for prospects and forecast the cost of production, service delivery, other project management related informatio.

Proposal Software

Provide customers with the most accurate proposal possible. Proposals are capable of winning a client over. Being able to analyze the cost of service will show a prospect that they are being charged a fair price.

Design Software, Rooftop, PV design

Solar design software is good for generating precise financial analysis and design PV areas. The right solar design can help you more easily explain financial benefits and close a sale.

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